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Published : December 14, 2022
Green Marketing as Brand Marketing


Happy World Energy Conservation Day to all of our readers!! Today we wrote an article on which everyone can learn to grow their company in a more environment-friendly way.

In the 21st century, consumers today are more updated with the products they use and the way they impact the environment. Consumers today care about the sustainable practices their brands are implementing. That is the reason why multiple premium and luxury brands today are aiming toward eco-friendly practices.

Read our article below to learn the definition of green marketing. View some of the brands and the way that they implemented all the practices, how they benefited the environment with their eco-friendly campaigns, increasing their following on all social platforms for more influence of their service/products

Table of Contents

  1. What is green marketing?
  2. Who is green marketing for?
  3. How it benefits brands digitally?
  4. How green marketing affects brand marketing?
  5. Disadvantages of green marketing
  6. Conclusion

What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is making eco-friendly products, services, or initiatives which impact the environment responsibly and sustainably. It is a strategy that is used to let the public know about how the company is reducing the use of greenhouse gases and non-reusable materials. Even following the basic rules the 5Rs (Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose) had proven a way to attract consumers and increase their awareness today.

Most brands let their consumers know through their websites, and social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These digital platforms are the most preferred way of getting the word out to the consumers about green endeavours which gets them to interact with their service/product. Multiple brands today have also reduced their plastic use as a way to show how they care for the environment. In this particular method, companies showcase how much effort they are putting together to make their product/service environment-friendly.

There are plenty of other ways especially certifications which you can use to verify all the efforts you are making. But making them known to the consumers is one of the biggest, it increases their trust in your product, drawing more patrons to the brand.

Case Studies

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Such as Mamaearth who launched their “WE PLANT GOODNESS” campaign. Once an order is placed on their site the brand commences the process of linking it to a newly planted sapling through their partners. The sapling is linked to the order, the brand will share with the customers a picture of the sapling, its species, along with its geo-tag for the consumers to easily track their plant.

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Air India

Air India, the flag carrier airline of India, said on 29 August 2019 that there will be no usage of single-use plastic after 2 October 2019(Gandhi Jayanti). For cutlery, they prepared and started to use “eco-friendly birch-wood cutlery” on their flights. For meals use butter paper packages and reusable snack boxes.

Who is Green Marketing for?

While making the environment a better place should be practised by anyone, green marketing is mostly done by B2C companies as a way to attract Gen-Z and Millennials. That doesn’t mean that these are the only type of companies that can benefit from these strategies, B2B companies can also use it by growing their sales with eco-friendly products.

Even not using paper and using electronic marketing moves in favour of B2B companies. Many individuals think that behind the green marketing idea of companies, the main concern is the environment. Yes, it is but not only that, in return for their campaign they earn significant respect from their consumers which also affects their brand value and sales. The benefits of one company, attract many more firms to do the same, so over normal mankind get the profit of this whole scenario and especially in the modern world there are lots of issues to solve but this can solve while getting no loss in business and normal life.

Benefits of Green Marketing?

Any brand today which can creatively show its love and care for the planet and the world is grabbing the eyes of the public. If you’re just getting started, focusing on green marketing is one of the ways to gain attention on your online content today.

Social Media is also an effective platform for getting the word out about your practices. But you will also need to be smarter than just launching eco-friendly campaigns to get them to connect to your brand. You will need to form an emotional connection with your audience by making efforts on your overall narrative with consistent messaging throughout your content.

According to the company, there are many personalised ways of marketing on specific platforms. Some require their marketing on LinkedIn, and many prefer Instagram and Facebook.

How Green Marketing Increases Brand Marketing?

Green marketing is mostly done online by brands and companies on their social channels like their websites with the right keywords and social media posts with their campaigns. They use these campaigns to grab the attention of those users who are still on the cold side(indecisive). Especially the Gen-Z/Millennials, prefer brands which know how to market their green way of marketing with nature-focused posts and reels. 

As the number of certifications, strategies and steps that you take to make your organization greener the number of people sharing this word-to-word will also increase causing an increase in awareness. If done right, this includes a bigger following on your social platforms thus reaching more people. 

Disadvantages of Green Marketing

Every coin has two sides, green marketing is not easy to implement. It requires a ton of research which is time-consuming and the second thing is, some of which also requires the companies to make changes in huge policies.

In addition, green marketing is very costly for firms to make products of that and as a consequence, they charge more money from their customers to be in profit. Thus, an increase in criticism from their consumers. There are challenges such as the cost of the research and development of the right ongoing eco-friendly materials and production methods. 

While green marketing is very beneficial on all sides of sales & marketing, it will cost more than a few quarters for the company. Unless they focus more on digital marketing.


Social Media Marketing is one thing, but it’s tactics like these that make companies stand out. Whereas this is not only profitable for companies in the long term it affects the ratio of loyal consumers and this campaign could save our future generation from facing unusual issues.

So green marketing is an excellent way to grow your brand’s acknowledgement online. Most brands/companies prefer to use Google ads, analytics and Facebook ads as a way to acknowledge their audience about their endeavours. While there are also a lot of deceptive brands and companies, there has to be a reliable plan to make the efforts recognized in a successful way.

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